We are looking for businesses and individuals in Nottingham that can help us continue our mentoring in schools throughout the East Midlands

How can you help us to help them?

Brighter Futures Through Sport (BFTS) is a charity providing therapeutic mentoring interventions to young children identified by schools to be failing academically, at risk of exclusion and have classic attributes of low self-esteem, challenging behaviour, little focus and effort in the classroom, as well as difficulties in socialising and communicating with peers and teachers.

BFTS successfully uses sport to empower, educate, inspire, raise self-esteem and give confidence to every child they work with, with the aim of improving school work, behaviour and developing different capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals. BFTS uses Mentors who consist of Ex-Footballers with coaching and mentoring qualifications to support young children. Our coaches are positive male role models, with an array of football skills and knowledge that is highly influential to young people under their mentoring. Mentors are able to build an instant connection with children invovled in the programme and positive work is carried outi n each session to help develop their skills and attitudes.

If you would like any further information about Brighter Futures Through Sport please contact us by phone 0800 092 5184 or email stuart@bfts.org.uk

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